Monday, 21 May 2012

In two weeks I'm off to Honduras. The plan is to teach English (norn Irish) and also to work giving sports & fitness classes. I might have to steal some ideas from Ards Rugby Boot Camp who were a big part of me getting up and running again. There are no rugby teams in Honduras so I've also been toying with the idea helping to organise a team there. I know quite a few people there are interested in rugby but nobody has actually sat down and organised anything. I'm no professional or even a good player, but I think I know enough of the rules etc. to get something small started and then they can work from there on developing that. I'll probably do some computery work when I get better at Spanish. At the moment the priority is to get everything organised to go there. My baggage space is limited so I have to decide what I want to leave here and what I want to bring. It should be quite an adventure and I plan to post plenty of photos and videos over the next few months.

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